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Types of French Alcohol

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french alcohol


Several alcoholic beverages are formed across the globe. Alike other wines, there are different types of French alcohol. Apart from France, several other countries are known for their alcoholic products. Those who love vodka know that the best vodka comes from Russia. Those who have affinity for rum know that the most popular rum brands are produced in Cuba. France is renowned for its variety of alcohols, which are usually high-end and accompany steep price tags.


The most well-known and well-respected regions that produce wines across the globe are located in France. The most popular ones include Bordeaux, Champagne, Provence and Alsace. Bordeaux is amongst the most productive of the wine producing regions, and accounts for one third of the total wine production in France. All types of wine, such as red, rose, white and sparkling wines are produced in France. The French are very particular about combining wines with specific foods. This practice, which was most common among the French, has gained popularity as wine cultures in other countries.


Cognac is regarded as one of the best versions of brandy that is currently available. The drink is named after the region near east coast which is known for its  grapes and encloses nearly 200,000 acres of land. Cognac is prepared with white wine which is first boiled into a vapor finally returning to become a liquid. Thereafter, it is aged and bottled. The wine is transformed into Cognac through the procedure called a double distillation which traps the vapors only of the best quality. It is aged in the casks made up of oak and this process continues for years. The price of cognacs starts at $40, whereas the high-end bottles are priced into the thousands.


Cointreau is yet another popular alcoholic beverage that is produced in France. Cointreau is a liqueur which contains 40% alcohol. It is prepared by distilling natural alcohol on combining it with water, bitter and sweet orange peels and sugar. Although most of the French alcohols need to be aged for long, cointreau does require long aging process to be enjoyed. Unlike many other alcohols, cointreau must be consumed maximum within three years of preparation. It is the chief ingredient in  Cosmopolitan, which is a famous cocktail enjoyed across the globe.


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Types Of French Alcohol