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How to drink Free in New York City - Legally

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Happy hours are the best time to avail free drinks in New York CityThere is an urban legend, my friend once told me, that you can drink for free in New York City; I didn’t believe him. But then,the next time I went to visit him and stayed for almost a month, I realized drinking free in New York City is no mumbo jumbo but very much possible and legal too! In fact, the 28 days that I stayed with him, I rarely remember a day when we went out for a drink and actually paid for it, how we managed this feat….well read on and find out!


• Happy hours: This is the simplest trick to drinking free. Bars and pubs across the world offer heavy discounts during happy hours is common knowledge, but in NYC, these discounts translate to 100%, i.e., free unlimited drinks! Then again, you might have to shell out money in form of cover charges and tips to the waiters, but you will surely save quite a bit even after that! For some great happy-hour, offers available across the NYC refer to this site.


• It is my B’day today: There are many hangouts in NYC that offer free drinks to the guest of honor if you get 4 or more friends along. This is a good offer but then it has some drawbacks too - you have to catch hold of some willing friends, maybe pay for their drink (because it is your party), and most importantly you can use this offer only once a year (legally, though you might want to have free drink birthdays every week if possible!) Check this webpage for list of bars that offer Birthday booze. 


• Casino bars: Vegas is not only place where casinos exist, NYC has it fair share of casinos too, and like their famous counterparts they serve free booze to their patrons until you are dropping money into their play machines and game tables. If you are too frugal to shell out anything for the casinos then some places offer free liquor for those who accompany other gamers. So, go catch hold of some serious gamers or chat up a quick friendship with a stranger in the casino. This link here has a listing of the casino bars in New York City. 


Wine tasting and promotional events are the places where the booze will surely be 100% free• Urban wine trailing:  For a truly free alcohol experience, wine trailing is one of the best options. Many wine shops and cafes hold wine and other drink tasting events, where the entry is mostly free. Since, these are usually sponsored by the wine barons, you are never charged for anything. Agreed you will not be served a glass full and second helpings might call for raised eyebrows, but beggars can’t be choosers right! The wine Mecca of NYC stretches from Manhattan to Union square via East village. Check this website for some great wine tasting events.


• Go arty: This is the best plan that my friend introduced to me; with the number of art galleries that have mushroomed all across the New York City, it can very well give a stiff competition of Paris. Well, I am no art buff, but you have to realize that there is an event hosted in these galleries almost daily and the staple of these events (apart from abstract pieces of art) is booze! So, browse the net and check out which galleries have any events hosted, dress appropriately, and be a part of the event. However, you need to practice caution here, do not hit the bar as soon as you enter, try to (or act as if) be genuinely interest in the various art forms exhibited, chat up with some people and then slowly excuse yourself to the bar. Also, do not over squeeze this opportunity by visiting the same gallery over and again, else they will know of your real intentions. 


So these are some of the ways that my friend and I used to drink free in New York City. But, you do not need to stick to only these; there are many more ways too. For further listing on places that offer drinks for free, check this link here. However, remember to drink responsibly and avoid drunken driving. 

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How To Drink Free In New York City - Legally