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How to drink Vodka and Stay Sober

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With just a few precautions you can enjoy your vodka and stay sober through the party

I love the taste and feel of pure authentic Vodka, but I like to just get the buzz out of it and not be trashed out! I know many will agree with me, so here are some real useful tips on how to drink Vodka and stay sober:

• Always invest in good quality vodka; though expensive - premium Vodka contains less harmful substances that cause hangover or other ill effects.

• Never drink vodka on empty stomach. Alcohol gets rapidly absorbed over an empty stomach; eat something starchy like white bread or boiled potatoes around an hour before the party. 

• Russians, known for being able to handle large amounts of vodka pretty well, believe in drinking Vodka in small shots rather than slowly sipping it. This practice supposedly makes a person less drunk. Also, do not forget to lick a slice of lemon immediately after a shot of vodka – the acid helps to neutralize the alcohol.

• Never mix your vodka with other alcohols like wine, colas, juices, etc. Stick to one type of drink throughout the party.

• Drink lots of water between shots. Alcohol dehydrates your body so it is important that you drink lots of water and off set the dehydrating effects of the alcohol. Also frequent visits to the loo helps to wash away the drink from your system.

• Know how much alcohol you can handle. In case you know, you have a tendency to get drunk on alcohol it is better to limit yourself to 3 or 4 shots only.

• Eat something oily and salty like canned sardines or herring soon after drinking vodka, the salt and oil (like acid in lemon) help to neutralize the alcohol. This might be the reason why most of the salads served in traditional Russian parties are filled with mayonnaise – vinegar+salt+yolk!

• To prevent a hangover, guzzle down a can of chilled beer in the middle of the night and go back to sleep; this according to many is of great help. If you do wake up with a bad hangover, then try drinking a glass of brine or salted lemon juice.

So follow these tips and you will be able to enjoy a party, drink loads of Vodka, and still be in enough senses to guide others home! However, be a responsible drinker and avoid driving after you have had some fun with Vodka.

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How To Drink Vodka And Stay Sober