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How to drink Absinthe - the green fairy!

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The traditional French absinthe ritual involves the use of a special absinthe glass and spoon

Absinthe or the green fairy, a rage during the 1800s, was consumed by highly creative minds like Vincent van Gogh and Oscar Wilde among other. If you plan to drink Absinthe and enjoy the drink the way these great men did then there are certain rules to follow. Read on and find out more about the different traditional methods of drinking absinthe.


• Traditional French Ritual: For this you will need an Absinthe glass (a pontarlier glass with a bulbous bottom) and an absinthe spoon (a perforated spoon). Pour 1 ounce of quality absinthe in the glass, place the spoon over the rim of the glass – absinthe is a bitter drink, so you might choose to place a sugar cube over the spoon, now slowly pour 3 to 4 ounces of ice-cold water over the sugar cube. Use the absinthe spoon as a stirrer, mix in the liquids, and sip the drink slowly. 


• Glass in glass method: An innovative way of mixing absinthe, you will need a 1-ounce glass and one large glass to prepare absinthe this way. Fill the small glass with absinthe and place it inside the large glass. Now pour 3 to 4 ounces of ice water into the small glass; the absinthe-water mixture will slowly pour out into the large glass. Remove the small glass and slowly savor the absinthe. 


• Chez Burning Absinthe:  Very similar to the French method, the Chez like to burn their sugar and absinth before drinking. For this, prepare the absinthe glass and spoon as mentioned earlier, however the sugar cube used is first dipped in absinthe. Now, light the sugar and allow it to caramelize and drip into the absinthe below; once the sugar has all melted, dunk the still burning spoon into the absinthe – the absinthe will ignite. Now immediately pour 3 to 4 ounces of cold water to put off the flames. Stir the drink and sip slowly.


• Easy method: If the absinthe rituals are too much for you to handle, then you can just mix the water, granulated sugar, and absinthe the way you would mix and prepare any other drink. The absinthe will taste the same nevertheless. 



Quality absinthe have very high alcohol content (usually about 136 proof), hence drinking it neat is not recommended. Also, sip it very slowly and do not consume more than 3 or 4 drinks in a single sitting. 

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How To Drink Absinthe - The Green Fairy!