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Baying Hound Aleworks

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I've been away for a while, tried my luck going back into the food industry only to discover why I had left to begin with. It wasn't the work, it was the lifestyle. I still have a passion for cooking, and one thing I learned while working in the restaurant industry was what my true passion was....Beer.

I come from a long line of brewers, vintners, and moonshiners, hell, I had my first still working in my parents' Upper Northwest Washington, DC home at the age of 14. And I can still see. I experimented with everything I could, fermenting everything from fruits to grains, some of them made you want to wretch while others were quite palatable.

I started doing my research and started the long process of doing mounds of paperwork, securing a loan, finding a location, and fighting with the gas company. So now I'm probably looking at a September open date. I'll be producing about 2 barrels per week and already have some distribution lined up.

The name Baying Hound is a tribute to my dearly departed bloodhound. She was my brew hound and was nuts about licking up spilled malt. I wish she was still here, she died at the ripe old age of 12, that's ancient for a bloodhound who's average life span is about 7 years. We got her as an elderly rescue and had her 3 years. She enriched our lives and brought out the bloodhound in our other dog, who is an interesting mix, bloodhound, great pyranese, and cocker spaniel. He's one handsome fellow and loves the ladies, both human and canine.

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Baying Hound Aleworks