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How to Drink Beer

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Beer is an alcoholic drink which is produced by the brewing and fermentation of starches,mainly derived from cereal grains such as malted barley, wheat, maize and rice.Beer is considered to be the most popular drink after water and tea.Drinking beer is very common across the world but there should be some ways to drink beer in order to make them more pleasurable.

Steps to drink beer:

Here are given some simple steps to drink beer:

-After purchasing the beer from the shop, you need to store the beer in a cool place.You can store the beer in the fridge at the temperature of 45-55degreesF.

-You should serve the beer in the chilled glass.For chilling the glass, you need to keep the glass in the refrigerator .

-For serving the beer, the ideal glass is thick walled mug or tall pilsener type glasses.Always make sure the glasses are clean before serving the beer.Cleaning needs only a small squirt of dish soap in the glass and then to run glass through the cold water till no suds appear.

-Pour the beer directly into the glass. Pour the beer from the high above the glass to get maximum head.

-Never try to dissipate the head by adding anything to the beer such a salt, oil.This will make the beer go flat.

 Thus this is the way one should drink beer. Enjoy your drink but do not go overboard and drink too many.

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How To Drink Beer