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How to Drink Rum

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Rum is basically a distilled alcholic beverage which is made with sugarcane by-products like molasses and sugarcane juice. The major production of the rum takes place around the Caribbean and in many Central American and South American countries.

Drinking Rum:

Drinking drum solely depends on the taste of the person. The ways of drinking rum may vary from person to person. 

Below are given some ways which you can try while drinking rum:

-You can drink the rum with coca cola. Mix coca cola with the rum and drink.

-You can drink rum with lemon. Mix half lime with a glass of rum. You can also mix some mint leaves for the flavor along with some sugar and tonic water. Enjoy your flavored rum drink.

-Rum goes well with pineapple juice also. You can mix the rum with coconut water also.

-You can make some cocktail drink with the rum such as long island iced tea, little princess and beach buster. For the method to make the cocktail drink with rum, you can refer to some cook books or search on the internet.

Thus there are many ways to drink rum.But you should be careful about the proportion of the drinks you are using for making the mixed drinks.The wrong proportion might afftect your health. 

Be cautious...And Enjoy

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How To Drink Rum