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How to Drink Scotch Whiskey

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How to Drink Scotch Whiskey


Do you hesitate to order scotch whiskey at your favorite bar, just because you don’t know much about it. Then read on to know every detail on how to drink scotch whiskey. 

Just like France is famous for wine, Scotland is famous for scotch whiskey. The various regions of Scotland are known for different textures, tastes and flavors of scotch whiskey.  So, basically there are no two whiskeys that would taste similar.

  Although it might take a whole dedicated life time to become an expert, you can still learn the basics from the guide below on how to drink scotch whiskey.

How to Drink Scotch Whiskey

1. To begin with, you need to identify which whiskey you wish to taste. There are mainly two classification of Scotch Whiskey, single malt or blended malt. To identify the type of whiskey, simply ask the bartender or look at the bottle label. Single malt is when only single barley is used to distill and blended malt has more than one grain to perfect the whiskey. 

2. Once you have selected the Scotch Whiskey, let the bartender pour a short shot for you. Always make sure to use a clean Scotch Whiskey drinking class. Then, see through the glass by holding it up and checking the color of the whiskey. The color is usually bright golden or a soft golden, browner or yellower.

3. After that, spin the glass with scotch whiskey gently. Take the glass near your nose and notice the smell. Take a breath and smell the flavors. Identify gentle and soothing flavors such as vanilla, saltiness, caramels, nuttiness, fruitiness or smokiness. You can sniff your drink gently on more time.

4. Now you are ready to sip the scotch whiskey. Take a small sip and roll the whiskey inside the mouth. You can also feel the taste of some of the flavors identified while smelling the drink. After swallowing the sip, you can also feel some afterward taste in your mouth. 

Tip on How to Drink Scotch Whiskey

To add some extra fun and flavor in your glass of scotch whiskey, you can also try adding some ice cubes and a splash of water. 

Always remember that you must enjoy the drink to the fullest, as there are no rules of drinking except one. Don’t drink and drive! 

Now that you have the basic knowledge on how to drink scotch whiskey, just visit your favorite bar and surprise everyone by ordering the unusual. 

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How To Drink Scotch Whiskey