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How to drink coconut water?- Drink to your health

Nature’s health Drink,  a bounty which the tropical countries revel in : coconut water. As a cure for many ailments, a natural coolant, antacid, and a vitamin drink, coconut water is the common man’s ultimate refreshment. How to drink coconut water to drink to your health and happiness?

ideas for drinking coconut water and drink it to the lees
The choice of tender coconuts should be proper, if you want to go gaga about the sweetness this nutritious drink offers.

Now,are you ready to shake a coconut tree up or climb up one or attempt poking the bunch with a pole, to lay your hands on a tender coconut, and proceed on a few tips on how to drink coconut water?

Well, you are just a stone’s throw away:

•    First pick a coconut that is young and tender. The not-so-tender ones, wont have much of water only the coconut pulp.

•    Make your first cut (half-sliced) at the stem-end by inserting a fixed knife blade at a shallow angle. This cut will ensure the there is a clean area for you to drink in a mouthful of the coconut juice, without getting your lips soiled. Also, a shallow cut will offer a ‘cutting-edge’, if the husks are difficult to penetrate.

•    Now over and around the cut you have made, make a circular incision (about two-three inches in diameter )with your knife. You can be watchful about the spray of coconut water, while making this cut as the knife penetrates into the hull.

•    Now push the knife blade straight where you made your first hole in the coconut.

•    And there will spring up the fountain of youth and health not "as blushful as the Hippocrene”, though, but nevertheless.. You can insert a straw and drink or even transfer the coconut water to some other vessel. While transferring into another vessel, make sure that you hold the vessel and the coconut at an angle to each other, so that you avoid much of spilling.

To drink as a toast to your health and the splendor of nature, how to drink coconut essentially celebrates that!

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How To Drink Coconut Water?- Drink To Your Health