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How to drink Cognac

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Cognac is a very high quality brandy, produced in the town of Cognac in France and aged for at least a couple of years. Drinking Cognac is a delight! This brandy is enjoyed the world over for its rich texture and flavor. But how to drink Cognac? There are so many way by which cognac can actually be consumeHow to drink Cognacd. Do you mix it with tonic over ice, combine it with orange juice or add a drop of syrup. You must drink Cognac properly and with a keen appreciation.
Things required for drinking Cognac
Cognac glass
How to drink Cognac
Step 1: Get a proper stemless or with stem cognac glass.
Step 2: Pour a small quantity of cognac into the cognac glass.
Step 3: Warm the cognac by holding the glass in the palm of your hand for at least 5-8 minutes.
Step 4: Look at the cognac and notice the color. Sniff the cognac and pay attention to the aroma. Swirl the cognac around and sniff again
Step 5: Sip the cognac. Take just enough to taste it and take pleasure in the flavor. Cognac goes well with chocolate, creme brulee and a wide variety of other deserts.

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How To Drink Cognac