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How To Drink Sake

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I simply love to drink sake whenever I have seafood – especially with deep fried prawns. I learnt how to drink Sake with seafood, meat and other light meals for the first time when I visited my Aunt’s place. We were served fried prawns and chopped liver with Sake. It was the best drink I had in my life.

Drinking Sake in most tradiotional way

If you love Sake you should drink it in the right way. You will enjoy Sake the most when you drink it in the evenings – you can have Sake in its chilled form or even warm. Try drinking Sake both ways and find for yourself which one you enjoy the most.

Warm Sake:
You should use Tokkuri when having Sake. This is a small serving pitcher on which Sake can be served. You can place Tokkuri in a bowl which has hot water so that Sake gets warmed up.
You should remember that when you are warming Sake it should not go beyond 104 degree F. Most restaurants serve Sake warm so that they stay warm even when the last cup is had.

Chilled Sake:
If for some reason you do not wish to have it warm – you can serve it chilled. Expensive Sake is usually served chilled in restaurants – drink chilled Sake in a Tokkuri.

When having Sake you should always fill your guests cup first and then your own cup. This is the most traditional way of drinking Sake. Do not forget to say ‘’ cheers’’ when having the drink.
Drink your favorite Sake in small sips. You shouldn’t just gulp it down – you wouldn’t be able to enjoy it then.

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How To Drink Sake