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James Bond Drink

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JAMES BOND With His Martini

As early as the beginning of civilization, man seemed to always have some form of alcohol around. We know the Ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians had wine.

 Not like the wine of today - more of a sweet , syrup-like product.

It was not until 1910 or so that the head bartender of the old New York City Knickerbocker Hotel, Martini Di Arma Di Taggia, made a drink consisting of half Gin (invented by a Dutch chemist about 350 years ago for medicinal purposes) and Vermouth (an Italian favorite). Taggia gave the drink to a customer, John D. Rockefeller, who suggested that it be called the "Martini Cocktail".

In 1930, at the end of prohibition, the Savoy Hotel published a Cocktail book which referred to 4 Martini Cocktails. One with Gin and Sweet Vermouth,

one with Gin and Dry Vermouth, one with Sweet and Dry Vermouth and one more with Gin, Dry Vermouth and Orange-Flower water. That was an indication that

mixologists were infusing water and alcohol with fruit, flowers and anything else for flavor.

Martini was in the midst of changed slightly to a Cocktail made with Gin and a dash of Dry Vermouth accompanied by an Olive or a Lemon Twist.Martini also had a new, young friend called "The Cosmopolitan".With the emergence and growth in popularity the Cosmopolitan seemed to single-handedly change this nearly 100 year old tradition of Martinis.

The New Martini is not only made with Vodka or Gin but it now includes Rum, Tequila, Cachaca, Brandy, Flavored Liqueurs, Purees, Fresh Fruit, Juice

 and almost anything you can fit in a Martini glass.

It is almost 100 years since Di Taggia started this craze. I wonder what he would think about the New Martini and I wonder what the Martini will be

100 years from now. So lets keep creating and molding the path of The Martini!

Happy Mixing        

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James Bond Drink