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Beverage terms

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Beverage ADES

These are perfect warm weather drinks, served tall and frosty with plenty of ice and garnished with slices of fruit.  They are made primarily with sweetened lemon or limejuice and a variety of liquors and may be filled with plain or soda water.Ex-Lemonade


These tall drinks are generally served in large goblets.  They are made with lots of shaved ice, fruits and liquor, decorated with berries, fresh fruit and, if desired, a sprig of mint.  Serve with straw.Ex-Bourbon blend.


COLLINS : These are tall, cool drinks belonging to the punch family with Tom and John the best known members.  Any basic liquor can be used with the juice of lemon or lime, over ice cubes in a frosted Coolins  glass, with sugar added to taste and filled with soda water.  Garnish with slice of lemon and a cherry, with ice cubes.Ex-Tom collins.



A Cooler is a tall, warm weather drink not unlike an individual punch except that less lemon or lime juice is used in a cooler (usually just fruit rinds).  They are made with different types of liquor, flavouring, cracked ice and a carbonated beverage.Ex-Apricot cooler.


CUPSThese delectable wine cocktails are made with brandy and curacao mixed with sweet wine, dry champagne.  Make in glass pitchers with ice cubes and serve in stemmed claret glasses.Ex-cxhampagne cup. DAISIES

These overgrown cocktails are made of liquor, grenadine, cordial and lemon or lime juice.  Usually shaken with cracked ice they are served in a stein, metal cup or old fashioned glass over an ice cube and decorated with fruit.Ex-Brandy Daisy.



This is a most agreeable enriching way of taking whole eggs with milk.  They can be served in cups from a bowl at the holiday season or in a tall, individually prepared glass.  In either case a sprinkling of nutmeg is a must.Ex-Brandy eggnog.


FIXESThese sweet, miniature cobblers are made in Hi-ball glasses with liquor, lemon juice, sugar and lots of shaved ice.  Serve with fruit, berries and straw.Ex-Rum fix. 

HI-BALLS: These are all time favourites and simple to make.  Practically any liquor may be in combination with ice, soda or plain water, ginger ale and host of other carbonated liquids.Ex-Whiskey Hi-ball.



Traditionally made from Kentucky and fresh mint, (muddled, crushed or whole). These may be made with shaved ice in an ice-frosted glass with mint or fruit garnish and straws.Ex-Mint julip.



A cross between a Collins  and a Sour , they are always made with lime, cracked ice soda or some other carbonated beverages.  The liquor may be whiskey, gin, rum or brandy.  Serve with the rind of the lime left in the glass.  (Old fashioned glass).Ex- Gin rickeys.


I hope the next time you go to a bar and order for your favorite drink you probably know better than your bartender....


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Beverage Terms