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We buy cases of bottled waters mainly those with fruit flavours and carbonated.  I am guilty of carrying bottled water with me everywhere!  I always have one in hand.  I alternate and fill the bottle with refrigerated water and sugar free flavourings or lemon or lime slices and juice.  I really don't like plain water much but will drink at least 6 bottles of this "altered water.  My husband likes the vitamin waters that yoy place a vile of stuff in nd they bubble.

It is crazy as our local water is considered tops in California. (East Bay MUDD)

As I was reading this article today I wondered if others also buy and drink so much of this "altered water"?  And is it nothing but tap water?

Is a Bottled Water Backlash Coming?


By George Anderson

It appears as though people are coming up with reasons why they and anyone within reading or listening distance shouldn't be drinking bottled water.

Some, such as Tom Standage, writing in The Christian Science Monitor, point out that much of what we're drinking out of bottles is actually tap water. Since we're already drinking tap water, why not just turn the handle and let it pour into a glass. It's convenient and much less expensive than buying it at a retail store or from a vending unit.

Mr. Standage points out that many consumers have the false view that bottled water is somehow safer than what they get from a tap. "The regulations governing the quality of public water supplies are far stricter than those governing bottled-water plants," he wrote.

Another piece in The New York Times points out that some consumers are beginning to question the ecological toll associated with buying bottled water.

According to the Earth Policy Institute, it takes 1.5 million barrels of oil a year simply to produce the bottles that the water is packaged in. There is, of course, the energy consumed in transporting from parts local and around the globe.

Mayors in major cities, including San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Minneapolis and New York, have begun urging consumers to use tap water. In New York, the city has branded the water pouring from faucets as "NY Tap."

Some argue that people are going to drink beverages out of bottles and cans anyway so the focus on environmentalists should not be on getting people to stop drinking bottled water but getting them to recycle once they are done.

The counter argument is that people should continue to drink water but pour it directly from the tap into a glass or reusable container to reduce the impact on the environment.

Discussion Questions: Does the early stage opposition to bottled water have the potential to become more widespread now that consumers seem to be thinking about environmental impact more than they have in the past? Are there alternatives such as promoting locally bottled water, selling reusable containers, water purification systems, etc. that offer growth opportunities for retailers in the face of such opposition?

Kick the Bottled Water Habit: 

Water, Water, Everywhere:

  • So what do you all think?

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