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Miracle Whip

Miracle whip is a condiment commercialized by Kraft Foods. This whip resembles mayonnaise in its appearance although it has sweeter tones and contains some additional elements. In US and Canada this condiment is used as an alternative to mayonnaise because it has low fat content. This is one of the most copied condiments in the world and is often sold under the name “salad dressing”, because “miracle whip” is a trademarked name.

There are many versions regarding the first preparation of miracle whip. According to a popular historical anecdote this condiment was first produced by a man called Max Crosset from Salem, Illinois. He named this invention as “Max Crosset’s X-tra Fine Salad Dressing” and served it at his restaurant. In 1931, Max Crosset sold his invention to Kraft Foods for $300. These claims were refuted by Kraft Foods although it acknowledged that many of its salad dressings were purchased from private owners. Kraft Foods have also added that this dressing was produced and named after an emulsifying machine which was dubbed “Miracle Whip”. This machine was developed in-house at Kraft Foods by a scientist called Charles Chapman and it was developed for the purpose of producing a cheaper variant of mayonnaise. This machine was developed with the aim of grinding various ingredients which goes in the preparation of the mayonnaise.

This mayonnaise alternative was first introduced during the 1933 Century of Progress Chicago’s World Fair. The Kraft Miracle Whip was also one of the hugely advertised products of all times. There were non-stop, print and media ads everywhere. It is believed that Kraft launched and promoted its product amidst much fanfare which was unheard during that time. Kraft invested heavily in 22 weeks of non-stop advertising in print and media with almost 2 hour shows dedicated to the product in the radio. Within few months, this whip was outselling all other food products or snacks in the market.

Culinary Usage
Miracle whip is used as a sandwich spread and salad dressing. It is often blended with other ingredients to produce a dip. It can be incorporated into different dishes depending on the personal taste preferences of an individual.

Miracle Whip is prepared in the same way as mayonnaise but it contains extra spices which gives bolder taste to the final product. Water, vinegar, soybean oil, modified cornstarch, sugar, salt, eggs, paprika, mustard flour, spices, natural flavors, and dried garlic are the ingredients used for making the whip. Enzyme modified egg yolk and potassium sorbate are the preservatives used in the product.

Popular Miracle Whip Recipes
Following are some of the recipes that use miracle whip -

  • Artichoke and Pepper Parm Dip – This is a very tasty dip involving miracle whip and various cheeses along with artichoke, red pepper and onion. Generally parmesan cheese and Philadelphia Brick cream cheese are also used in the preparation of this dip. The dip is best served with Christie crackers and vegetable dippers.
  • Classic Hero Sandwich – This low-calorie breakfast sandwich is prepared using the low calorie whip, Italian seasoning, French bread, and smoked meat. Green pepper and cheese slices are some of the other ingredients used in the preparation of this sandwich.