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Dressed Dungeness Crab

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  Salt and pepper 1 Large, garnish

Method Remove large claws from crab and set aside.
Twist off legs, at the same time removing the body or undershell.
Set aside.
Take out and discard the small sac lying in the top of the big shell, any green matter, and the spongy ringers lying around the big shell.
With a teaspoon, scrape the brown creamy part lying around the sides of the big shell into a small bowl.
Hold the big shell firmly in a cloth and break down the sides, recognizably marked.
Wash and dry the shell.
Now cut the body of the crab in half, extract all the white meat with a lobster pick or skewer and place in a bowl.
Take care not to break off any fine pieces of shell.
Crack the claws, extract all the meat and shred it; again avoid breaking off any fine pieces of shell.
Beat the brown creamy part until smooth and season well with salt, pepper and dry mustard.
Add 2 tablespoons dry white bread- crumbs and moisten with a little cream if the mixture is dry.
Arrange the brown meat across the middle of the shell with the white meat on each side.
Decorate the crab with chopped parsley and hard-cooked egg (finely Chop the egg white and push the yolk through a sieve).
Make a circle of legs and lay the shell in the middle.
Surround with lettuce leaves and radish roses and serve with mayonnaise.
Serve buttered wholewheat bread separately.

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Dressed Dungeness Crab Recipe