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How To Boil And Dress A Crayfish Or Lobster

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Simmer 8 to 10 pints of well-seasoned Court Bouillon.
Tie the claws and tail of the lobster or of the crayfish.
Plunge it head first into the boiling stock, cover, and leave to boil for about 25 minutes for a lobster of 2 lb.
Then let it get cold in the liquid.
When cold, lay it on a table, pressing it flat; turn it on its back, remove the roe or coral, and put them on one side.
Cut lengthways from tail to head, and carefully take out the flesh with a spoon.
Put the soft part aside with the coral, and take out the flesh of the tail in a single piece.
Put the empty shell on a dish, arrange the legs round it, un-shelled, and put the rest of the flesh in the shell in overlapping slices.
Garnish as you please with sprigs of parsley, lettuce, quartered hard-boiled eggs, slices of tomato, and so on.
The coral and the soft part are usually beaten into a mayonnaise sauce or a ravigote sauce and served separately.
This dish is called Homard a la Belle Vue when garnished like this: with a macedoine of diced vegetables (e.g.
French beans, carrots, turnips, potatoes, asparagus tips), shrimps, boiled garden peas, slices of gherkin, new potatoes, chopped meat in aspic, small slices of ham, truffles sliced or chopped: and with this you serve white, green or pink mayonnaise.

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How To Boil And Dress A Crayfish Or Lobster Recipe