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Maple Bacon Doughnut

A maple bacon donut is a deep-fried donut that is topped with a maple syrup glaze and bacon bits. It is a popular dish in the United States, and is considered to be a part of the ‘bacon mania’ or enthusiastic bacon craze of the Americans.There are numerous versions in the US that use whole bacon as a garnish or bacon fat in the maple glaze to create a pork-flavored donut.

Maple Bacon Donut Recipe: History

The actual history of the maple bacon donut is not known. According to gourmands, the very fist variety of the maple bacon-flavored donut was made by the Swirls Bakery in Omaha, Nebraska. The bakery owner, Dawn Brown is credited with one version of the maple bacon-flavored donut. According to her, she wanted to make a donut that would be a combination of a dessert as well as a breakfast dish and the maple bacon-flavored donut was born. She named this donut version as The Elvis. In recent years, however, several restaurants have adapted the basic recipe of the maple bacon-flavored donut into newer and better versions.

Maple Bacon Donut Recipe: Ingredients Used and Preparation Overview

The dish is prepared with donut dough. A thick maple glaze is made from sugar, maple syrup and butter. The baked or deep fried donuts are then brushed over with the glaze and crumbled bits of bacon are sprinkled over the donuts to form the maple bacon donut.

Serving and Eating Maple Bacon Donuts

These donuts are usually eaten as a breakfast dish, a dessert or a snack.

Maple Bacon Donut Recipe: Popular Variations

  1. The dish can be altered as per individual taste. Additional ingredients like nutmeg, cinnamon and diced apples can be used in variants of this dish to create novel flavours and variety in the regular bacon maple donut.

  2. Maple bacon donut rolls are also made that are prepared in the form of dinner rolls or Swiss rolls. These are softer than donuts, almost resembling a sponge cake in texture. The rolls are then brushed over with the maple syrup glaze and sprinkled over with fried bacon bits

  3. The Voodoo Bakery in Portland, Oregon prepares a maple bacon-flavored donut bar that is rectangular in shape. It is covered with a thick maple syrup and has a large strip of bacon in the center of the bar.
  4. Nord Bakery in Germantown, Louisville, serves a long John version that has maple syrup poured over it and with a large piece of bacon embedded in the center of it.
  5. San Francisco’s Dunkin' Donuts Alternatives prepares a version where the maple syrup is cooked in pork or bacon grease. Bacon is not sprinkled on top but the donut does taste predominantly of pork.

Maple Bacon Donuts: Trivia

  • The donut is served for breakfast in the Original pantry Cafe at Los Angeles.
  • The Maple bacon donut has become so popular that it now has its own Facebook page where fans and enthusiasts upload the latest information about restaurants that make the dish.