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Baked Doughnut

Baked Donuts or Baked Doughnuts are the baked version of very popular fried sweet snack the donut. Originally, deep fried and then glazed with a sweet topping donuts are famous snack in the US. Baked donuts are now becoming popular due to health reasons and for some the different texture and variety.

Making of Baked Doughnut

Unlike the fried donuts, baked donuts are made from a batter and not dough, however, the ingredients i.e. egg, flour, sugar, yeast, fat and baking powder, remain the same. The prepared batter is poured in special donut pans or trays that give the donut the classic rings shape after baking. Baked donuts are given various topping like chocolate, caramel, icing sugar, fruit jams and purees. Some baked donuts are even sliced and layered like a sandwich.