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Doughnut also spelled as Donut is a mostly sweet, sometimes savory, deep-fried snack popular in various parts of the world. Donuts are usually made from flour dough. They are mostly prepared by combining the ends of a long piece of dough into a ring shape. Sometimes a donut cutter is used for the same purpose. The doughnut is generally ring shaped however, it could also be made slightly flat with a filling of jam, cream or jelly at the center.

History of Donut

Though donuts have become very popular worldwide, its history is still unknown. There is a theory which believes that the Dutch brought donuts to North America. This theory was received without skepticism, because the Dutch introduced many American desserts such as cookies and apple and cream pie. But there are also theories which suggest that the ringed variety of donuts were invented by an American himself.

Different Types and Varieties Donuts Recipes

Donuts are mostly shaped as rings, but also come with sweet or savory fillings. Sometimes donuts even make use of potatoes and they are glazed with various kinds of toppings to add different flavor to them. The ring-ed varieties are usually topped with sugar or chocolate. The stuffed varieties of donut are filled with jam, jelly or cream. Donut lovers who are health-conscious can chose the baked varieties over the fried ones. Donuts recipes of various incarnations are available; however cake donuts, risen-type donuts, flattened spheres and rings are the most common types.

Regional Variations of Donuts

Israelis like their donuts filled with jelly and topped with icing sugar. South Africans on the other hand like their donuts with sugar, syrup, honey or jam as accompaniments, where as Tunisians prefer them ball-shaped. In Australia, jam donuts are quite famous and are a part of popular culture.