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Mint Dip

Mint dip is a refreshing dipping sauce made with mint leaves and other ingredients like yoghurt, garlic, ginger, salt, pepper, etc. The dip is a popular side dish in South Asian as well as Middle Eastern cuisines, and is often served with popular starter dishes like kebabs and Chiken Tikka. It is an important part of appetizer buffets or mezze. There are several recipe variations, like those including additional ingredients such as cucumber or coriander leaves.

Mint Dip Preparation Overview

Ingredients: Ingredients suggested by the mint dip recipe include mint leaves (in finely chopped form or processed along with other ingredients in a food processor), minced garlic, plain yoghurt, ground black pepper and salt.

Method of Preparation: The dip is prepared by mixing together all ingredients and refrigerating till chilled. Some recipes involve blending ingredients in a food processor and then mixing in the yoghurt.

Serving Mint Dip

The dip is served with Middle Eastern flatbreads, raw vegetables or dishes like different types of kebabs, Tandoori Chicken Tikka (which is a dish of marinated chicken baked over a clay oven called tandoor, popular in Indian and Pakistani cuisines). It can also be served with chips and fries.

Mint Dip Recipe Variations

  • Mint Chili Dip: The dip is made with green chilies, ginger, coriander powder, salt and yoghurt. The mint, green chilies and ginger are ground and then mixed into yoghurt that has been beaten smooth along with coriander powder and salt. It is served with tandoori chicken or barbeque chicken.
  • Cucumber-Mint Dip: This refreshing dip is made with coarsely chopped mint leaves, finely chopped cucumber, white wine vinegar, ground black pepper, salt and Greek yoghurt. All the ingredients are combined together and refrigerated. The dip is served with raw vegetables like carrots, bell peppers and cucumbers.
  • Mint Pea Dip: The dip is prepared by pureeing together cooked green peas, lemon juice, minced garlic, mint leaves, extra virgin olive oil, raw tahini and salt in a food processor.
  • Coriander Mint Dip: It is made by addition of coriander leaves to the regular mint dip ingredients. Common recipes for this dip suggest use of mint and coriander leaves, cumin seeds, green chilies, cumin seeds, garlic, ginger, yoghurt and salt. All ingredients except yoghurt and salt are pureed together and then mixed into these two. The dip is served with kebabs.

Nutritional Information

Mint dip serves as a cool and refreshing dip, which contrasts the spicy foods of Middle Eastern and South Asian cuisines. It also aids in digestion due to the presence of mint.