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Mango Dip

Mango dip is a dipping sauce prepared with ripe mangoes and other ingredients like yoghurt and spices. It is a popular dip in different culinary cultures of the world, some examples of which are Thai and Indian cuisines. It is made in sweet yet savory, and spicy versions, or sometimes just sweet ones.

Mango Dip Preparation Overview

Ingredients: Mango is used in pureed or finely chopped form. Spices used include cumin powder, chili powder, coriander, garlic, etc. Yoghurt may be used as an additional ingredient. Cheese and fish sauce are used in Thai versions. The dip is seasoned with salt and sugar.

Method of Preparation: The dip is prepared by pureeing the ripe mangoes along with other ingredients and then refrigerating the dip, which is served chilled.

Serving Suggestions

Different versions of the dip are served differently. It may be served with naan bread, Indian puris, crackers, veggies or tortilla chips. Some versions are served with pork chops, grilled chicken breasts or seafood. Others are also served as desserts or with ice cream. The dip is always served chilled.

Mango Dip Recipe Variations

  • An Indian mango dip is made by combining pureed ripe mango, plain yoghurt, cumin powder and chili powder. One may add hot sauce as per taste. The dip can be served with crackers or naan bread. It contains about 260 calories, 0.9g fat, and 4.9 mg cholesterol per serving.
  • Mango salsa can be made with ripe mangoes, fish sauce (or soy sauce), Thai sweet chili sauce, coriander leaves, garlic (minced), lime juice and sugar. The dip is prepared by pureeing the ingredients together. It is garnished with coriander leaves. It can be used as a dip for cooked prawns, tortilla chips or grilled chicken or fish.
  • Another version of the dip is made with chopped mango bits, low-fat cottage cheese, lemon juice, red chili flakes, salt and pepper. The ingredients are blended together in a food processor. The dip is garnished with mango bits and served chilled with crackers.
  • Aamras is a popular Indian version of mango dip, which is served with Indian breads like chapattis or puris in the Indian states of Gujarat and Maharashtra. It is also called Mango Shikarni. It is made by combining pureed mango, milk and sugar. Ginger or cardamom powder may be used for additional flavor. The dip may also be served with ice cream or as a dessert on its own.