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Cashew Dip

Cashew dip is a spicy dipping sauce prepared by combining cashew nuts with garlic, cheese, oil, butter, chilies, and several other ingredients. The dip acts as a perfect accompaniment to various vegetables,fruits, and crackers. It is commonly served after garnishing with cilantro or parsley.

Commonly Used Ingredients and Preparation Overview of Cashew Dips

Though cashew dip can be prepared in assorted ways, explained in terms of use of distinct ingredients, the basic recipe for this dip suggests the use of garlic, lemon juice, water, black pepper, and salt as the ingredients.

The preparation process suggests combining together all the ingredients, except water, and blending them until smooth. Water should be added only in little amount, so that the desired consistency can be attained. It is garnished with parsley and served.

Cashew Dip Recipe Variations

Some of the variations of cashew dips have been discussed below:

  • Creamy vegan cashew dip- the recipe for this dip suggests blending together cashews, sea salt, ginger, and green chilies. Little amount of water is added to attain required consistency. The dip is garnished with cilantro and then served.

  • Basil, parmesan and cashew dip- this dip is a blend of cashew nuts, basil leaves, parmesan cheese, and garlic. Olive oil is added in the end and the dip is ready to be served. A variation of this dip suggests using pine nuts, lime juice, and coriander as the additional ingredients.

  • Spicy cashew dip- cream cheese, cashew slices, peanut butter, chili paste, curry powder, and coconut milk are cooked together on low flame for a couple of hours, and the dip is served after stirring in lemon juice and garnishing it with cilantro.

  • Cream cheese and cashew dip- this dip is prepared by blending together cashew nut butter, cream cheese, agave nectar, nutmeg, and cinnamon.

  • Raw cashew dip- water, sea salt, and cashews are blended until smooth, and then combined with garlic and onion powder. The dip is served after folding in basil, green onions, and peppers.

Storing Cashew Dips

Cashew dips can be stored in refrigerator for a few days.

Serving Cashew Dips

  • Fresh vegetables and crackers are perfect accompaniments.

  • It can be served after garnishing it with fresh parsley.

  • The cashew dip can also be served with fruits.