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Weight Gain Diet

Weight gain diet comprises food for the people who are below average weight and want to increase it. Eating disorders, chronic diseases, under nourishment and heredity factors are some of the reasons for being underweight. These people are usually thin and frail and have less energy. A healthy lifestyle and nutritious food is very important for gaining weight.

Dietary Recommendation For Gaining Weight

  • Calorie intake- Calorie intake through foods is one of the major ways by which weight can be gained. Since the metabolic speed of individuals vary, the people with low weight can go for more calorie consumption.
  • Protein rich foods- Protein consists of amino acids; 20 in total and out of which 8 are essential amino acids. Amino acids help in muscle as well as weight gain and can be consumed by eating food like fish, meat, milk, yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese, eggs, soy products and whey protein drinks.
  • Carbohydrate- Carbohydrate is yet another major contributor to weight gain and can be sourced from foods like potatoes, pasta, brown rice, fruits and dry fruit.
  • Fat- Fats also play an important role in gaining weight. A gram of fat when consumed provides double the calories than same amount of protein or carbohydrates. However, precaution should be exercised while consuming foods rich in trans fats.
  • Meals at short intervals- 5-6 meals are recommended in a weight gain diet. The meal should be balanced and should consist of fruits, vegetables, breads, meats and dairy products.

Weight Gain Diet Plan

Breakfast- Milk with banana or banana smoothie, whole grain toast with butter, granola and nuts

Mid-day snack- Fruit, yogurt, juice, salad, crackers

Lunch- Breads, rice, vegetables, cottage cheese, lentils, meat and a sweet

After lunch- Tea/ coffee/ fruit shake, cookies, brown bread with cheese

Evening snack- Soup of choice

Dinner- Chicken/ fish, breads, salad, vegetables, yogurt and dessert

Precautions To Be Exercised When On A Weight Gain Diet

A weight gain diet recommends healthy eating and therefore processed and fried food stuffs should be avoided, Heavy meals with high fat and carbohydrates should be restricted and similarly consumption of wine should be done in moderation.