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Weaning Diet

Weaning diet is a balanced meal designed for babies feeding on breast milk to smoothly transit to formula foods or solid foods, as per its personal needs and as prescribed by the doctor. Most babies become ready for weaning foods when they are around 6 months old, although, some babies may start the weaning process right when they are 4 months old. The weaning diet plan can be continued till the child reaches his/her third year.

Baby Weaning Foods

A weaning diet begins with the introduction of solid foods. Here are some steps to follow -

  • Weaning recipes incorporating infant rice cereal and formula or breast milk are considered most appropriate for beginners as these have a watery consistency, allowing the baby to digest the food easily.

  • Baby weaning recipes that include barley and oatmeal can also be introduced after the child has learnt to eat rice cereal. Wheat cereal is another option in this regard, and also mixed cereals can be fed to the baby.

  • Once the kid adjusts to the new foods, he can then be fed pureed vegetables and fruits. However, these baby weaning foods must be introduced one by one so as to determine if the child has any allergy to any of these vegetables or fruits. Some good fruits and vegetables to begin with are banana, boiled apple, broccoli, carrot and pear.

  • In the next level of the weaning diet, meat can also be included but in the mashed form. Chicken and beef are considered good meat options for a weaning baby.

  • At the later stage, even bread, pasteurized cheese, yogurt and pasta can be included in the baby weaning diet, depending on how well the child is progressing.

Baby Weaning: Foods to Avoid

  • Foods with added salt and sugar
  • Unpasteurized dairy and dairy products
  • Raw eggs
  • Peanuts
  • Honey
  • Seafood

Baby Weaning: Tips for Diet

  • Eggs, citrus fruits, cow’s milk and fruit juices are best introduced in the meal plan once the child becomes 1 year old.

  • It is important to observe that the baby is able to consume the weaning food, digest it properly and utilize it in a healthy way. There shouldn’t be a gap left between then nutritional requirements of the baby and the food fed to them.

  • In the beginning of the weaning diet, foods should be in liquid form and then, in semisolid state, which can be gradually replaced with more solid foods as the child grows up.

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