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Waterfall Diet

Water Fall Diet is the distinctive diet developed by Nutritional Analyst, Linda Lazarides, in order to help people realize their weight loss goals, and is based on the principle of eliminating excess water that is retained in the body due to specific reasons. Unlike normal diets, the waterfall diet is not aimed at diminishing fat reserves in the body. It is based on the theory that with age, a person tends to develop various allergies to different foodstuff and these varied types of allergies are the underlying cause of water retention in the body.

Features of the Water Fall Diet

  • The Water Fall Diet Routine consists of three phases that assist an individual to analyse and discover the specific food allergies he/she is prone to.
  • Foods to be consumed are limited to vegetables, fruits, chicken, fish, tofu and soy products, brown rice as well as nuts and seeds. These are the categories of foods that are normally safe and not likely to cause hypersensitivity reactions.
  • Other foods such as eggs, red meat, dairy products, sugar, mayonnaise, bread, pasta, wheat and wheat products, processed foods, chocolates, coffee and alcohol need to be avoided.

Phase 1: The fluid retained in the body is lost during this phase. This is accomplished by the process of elimination whereby the food that one is allergic to may be identified. By elimination of that particular food, water retention is reduced and over time completely purged. This phase lasts for about two months which is time enough to cleanse the body off all allergens that could cause fluid retention.

Phase 2: The second phase lasts for about 4 weeks, and gradually starts introducing foods one at a time. This would allow one to identify any allergic foods that may not have been detected earlier.

Phase 3: This phase consists of a long-term maintenance period wherein the allergy-inducing foods must continue to be avoided and this phase lasts indefinitely.

  • Medical guidance and supervision is advisable as any other causes of water retention other than allergens must be investigated thoroughly before and during the period when the diet is undertaken.

Benefits of Water Fall Diet

  1. Weight loss
  2. Identification of specific food allergens that produce hypersensitivity reactions in individuals
  3. Up to 14 pounds of weight loss within a week may be achieved through the Water Fall Diet.
  4. Detoxification may be an additional advantage of this diet.