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Water Fasting Diet

Water Fasting Diet is an extreme form of dieting that restricts intake to chiefly water for the purpose of achieving weight loss. The diet as the name suggests is all about water intake. Evidently such severe dietary restrictions must be initiated under strict medical supervision. A water fasting diet could be undertaken in two ways-

  1. A partial water fasting diet consists of replacing half the regular food intake with plenty of water, such a diet maybe undertaken for 3 days. Whenever the feeling of hunger strikes, sufficient water intake, 3-4 litres per day is advised.
  2. A pure or devoted water fasting diet can also be undertaken for 3 days. Water consumption may be fixed at around 3-4 litres per day.

Features and Benefits of Water Fasting Diet

  1. A water fasting diet needs careful vigilance as one needs to get accustomed to this form of dietary restriction. It may take a while to get adjusted to. Only if a person can tolerate it should this water fast be continued, the partial fast is always an option for those who fail to take on the devoted water fast.
  2. Water is essential for sustaining the normal human body functions. Every cell in the body requires water and cannot perform in its absence.
  3. The water fasting diet is a very quick and efficient way of detoxification. It helps cleansing the body off various impurities and toxic chemicals that are potentially harmful to the system.
  4. Weight loss is a primary effect of the water fasting diet. It involves supplying the body fuel in the form of only water with little or no food to enable the body to clean itself.
  5. Generally approximately one pound per day is lost by way of a ‘water only’ fast.
  6. An individual’s health status, any serious health concerns such as Diabetes, Hypertension, cardiovascular problems need to be addressed before embarking on such a diet.

Weight loss, detoxification and cleansing of the digestive system are some of the chief benefits of the water fasting diet. The water fasting diet provides the body an opportunity to rest, heal and restore itself. Although these processes are constantly occurring in the body, during the water fast diet, the entire focus is directed towards such self-healing and restorative mechanisms. By the end of the fast, the digestive organs are ready to absorb nutrients from food and utilise them more efficiently.