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Vertigo Diet

A vertigo diet aims to control vertigo experienced by the patient which is charecterized by dizziness casued due to a number of underlying medical disorders of the person suffering from it.

Exact guidelines are not available for the Vertigo Diet but a detailed medical examination is necessary to investigate the underlying medical conditions. Once the underlying medical condition is controlled, vertigo improves. However, there are a few conditions like internal ear injuries, migraine associated dizziness, Meniere’s disease, and secondary endolymph hydrops which will require dietary modifications to help in managing the disease by decreasing fluid intake and increasing the intake of vitamins.

Characteristics of the Vertigo Diet Plan

Dietary strategies for regulating the fluid balance in the inner ear involve the following-

  • It is recommended that food and water intake be distributed all through the day. Physicians also suggest smaller meals instead of three major meals.
  • Nutritional deficiencies can also cause the vertigo. It is recommended that patients increase their intake of Vitamin B, Niacin, Potassium and iron to improve overall health.
  • Natural supplements like Ginger, fish oil and Gingko Biloba are very effective and are commonly prescribed to reduce vertigo.
  • Alkaline foods are the best option for patients with vertigo. These foods can keep the acid-alkaline balance of the body in check and even reduce vertigo.

Foods Contraindicated on the Vertigo Diet

  • Patients are suggested to avoid foods that have a high sugar, salt and fat content. High fat, sugar and salt content can draw water into the ear increasing pressure inside the ear.
  • Caffeine is contraindicated as it could aggravate tinnitus and vertigo
  • It is recommended that patients reduce their overall intake of tyramine rich foods like red wine, chicken, meats, smoked meats, and figs. Tyramine can cause vasodilatation that increases vertigo and precipitates migraines.
  • Alcohol and smoking are contraindicated as it will influence the water content of the inner ear aggravating vertigo.


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