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Ulcerative Colitis Diet

Ulcerative colitis diet is specifically recommended for easing the inflammation affecting the rectum and the large intestine. Ulcerative colitis is a bowel disease that covers a range of symptoms including abdomen pain, diarrhea, frequent bleeding and pus in stools. These symptoms generally vary among different people and usually triggered by excessive stress and eating unhealthy foods. However, these are not the actual causes of the disease. Changes in eating habits may prevent the problem and even strengthen the immune system that may be the possible cause of this medical condition.

Ulcerative Colitis Diet: Recommendations

Ulcerative colitis may stem from week immune system and brought on by bad eating habits. The lining of intestine is badly affected in this condition and causes severe inflammation. Therefore, the major goals behind conceptualizing the ulcerative colitis diet are as follows:

  • To control the acute inflammation and abdominal pain attacks.
  • To prevent repetition of attacks.
  • Facilitate the healing of colon.

Proper eating habits should always be maintained. Some recommendations include:

  • Meals should be eaten slowly. Food should always be eaten while sitting, chewed well and in a relaxed manner as much as possible.
  • Overeating should be avoided.
  • A balanced diet that includes all essential, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients should be consumed.
  • If any food disagrees with the body, stop eating it. An experiment can be done by eating a small amount to check the tolerance of that food. The problem with the food can be best identified by eating it separately from other foods.
  • The intake of caffeinated drinks and alcoholic drinks should be limited as they induce inflammation.
  • Stress should be minimized as it impairs digestion.
  • Try to avoid the anti-inflammatory drugs without prescription as they may irritate the stomach and intestine lining.

Foods to Eat/Avoid in Ulcerative Colitis Diet

Certain foods are considered the triggers for the ulcerative colitis, whereas few foods ease the condition. Here is the list of such foods:

  • High protein foods such as eggs, milk, chicken and fish should be included in the diet, but care should be taken while selecting the foods. Red meat, organ meat and other fatty meats should be avoided as they may worsen the condition. For vegetarians, soy products may prove beneficial.
  • Complex carbohydrates including whole wheat breads, biscuits and crackers are extremely nutritional and provide energy.
  • Good fats are also helpful in keeping the body well energized and healthy.
  • Spicy foods, sauces, fried foods and carbonated beverages should be excluded from the diet.
  • Even refined sugars and sugar-free products should not be consumed if suffering from inflammatory medical conditions.

Ulcerative Colitis Diet Benefits

This diet is highly beneficial in reducing the irritable bowels in the stomach. Abdomen pain also gets relieved with the help of changed eating habits. Pus and bleeding in stools get reduced and even rectum is healed with the ulcerative colitis diet.


  • Papaya, apple, ginger and dill are some of the foods that contain digestive enzymes and helps in reducing inflammation.
  • Tea made from chamomile, peppermint and dandelion may help in easing the inflammatory bowel movements.
  • Eating of raw cabbage each day provides a protective coating to the stomach lining that prevents digestive tract to destroy.


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