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Thyroid Cancer Diet

Thyroid cancer diet is prescribed to people affected with thyroid cancer, a condition marked by a malignant thyroid neoplasm. This is generally a treatable cancer, if detected at an early stage. In most cases, treatment is done with radioactive iodine. Depending upon the requirements of the patient, radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy might also be administered. Sometimes, a diet plan for thyroid cancer is also followed by people who are at a risk of developing the condition.

Thyroid cancer tends to affect people of all ages, but it is more prevalent in older adults. It has often been seen that hyperthyroidism or hypothydroism, if left untreated for long, can turn into thyroid cancer. Treatment of the cancer is often carried out by the doctors through a balanced routine of healthy diet, lifestyle changes, chemo or radio therapy and medication. Research has shown that following a good diet can have a positive effect on the treatment and speed up the recovery process.

Main Features of a Thyroid Cancer Diet

A diet plan for thyroid cancer is generally charted-out by the doctor based on a patient's individual requirements, limitations, age, etc. There are, however, some common factors. As is true with almost all other types of cancers, regular consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables and avoidance of fats, carbohydrates and red meats has been known to have a positive effect. Doctors and dieticians strictly advise replacement of animal meats with plant-based produce.

White, soft meats like fish and poultry, in controlled quantities, is encouraged over consumption of red meats. Red meats, like bacon and beef, tend to interfere with the treatment and aggravate the cancer's symptoms. While most doctors advise a complete elimination of meats, some consumption on an irregular basis is considered alright.

Dairy products like butter and cheese have been known to increase the risk of thyroid cancer. Therefore, patients of the condition are almost complete barred from consuming these products. If at all their consumption is allowed, home-made products are preferred over packaged and processed ones. Also, low-fat versions are favored.

Retinol, a type of vitamin A which is most prominently found in eggs and milk tends to aggravate the symptoms of thyroid cancer and therefore, a thyroid cancer diet strictly eliminates products high in retional content.

Research has shown the a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables tends to not only cut the risk of thyroid cancer but also help in the treatment by making helping medication work in a more effective manner.


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