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Slim Fast Diet

Slim fast diet plan is an easy-to-follow weight loss regimen which promotes noticeable weight sheds without compromising on the favorite foods and binges of its followers. This dietary supplement is commonly followed in countries like US, Germany, Canada, France, Iceland and more. Ideally, this revolutionary diet program, slim fast diet plan, replaces the need for cooked meals with its nutrition-rich slim fast diet like bars, shakes, ready-to-drink mix, powders and smoothies. Nevertheless, the followers of this diet plan do not sacrifice on their favorite binges and consume them in controlled quantities.

Origin of Slim Fast Diet|
The range of foods included in the slim fast diet plan was introduced by S. Daniel Abraham, employee of the Thompson Medical Group in the year 1977. Later the slim fast diet became a brand, especially after its takeover by Unilever in the year 2000.

Dietary laws governing slim fast diet consumption

  1. The slim fast diet plan essentially replaces the need for two meals of the entire day.
  2. In the left third meal, followers of the diet are strictly restricted from eating high-carbohydrates and trans-fat food sources.
  3. On the other hand, protein rich foods like skinless chicken pieces, fish, white bread, boiled rice, are regarded as sensible meals and are accepted for consumption.

Dietary Routine Based on slim fast diet
Slim fast diet plan may look close to the below mentioned slim fast diet

  1. Breakfast- slim fast cappuccino shake, French toast, grap
  2. Lunch- slim fast vanilla shake, beef sandwich, apple
  3. Dinner- grilled chicken with veggies, baked potato, steamed broccoli with parmesan cheese

Health Benefits of Slim Fast Diet Plan

  • The food mixes, shakes and powders in the slim fast diet plan serve as complete nutritious meal for the body. Therefore, these foods enrich the body and promote health.
  • Since the diet is low on bad carbohydrates, it serves to improve the cardiovascular health.