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Prediabetes Diet

Prediabetes diet is recommended to the people showing higher than normal blood glucose level, but not as high so as to be identified as diabetes. Prediabetes generally leads to type 2 diabetes, hence precaution should be taken in advance. Research has also proved that prediabetes is even responsible for the damages to the body by affecting the circulatory system and heart.

Eating habits, sedentary lifestyle and stress are the main causes of any kind of diabetes and slight transformation in the lifestyle show drastic improvement in the condition.

Prediabetes Diet: Recommendations

As soon as one becomes aware of the symptoms of diabetes, it is important to get the necessary tests done by the physician. Fasting glucose plasma is an excellent way to detect Prediabetes along with the oral glucose tolerance test. Physicians generally recommend a prediabetes diet after the diagnosis of diabetic symptoms and if followed properly, such a diet can prove to be a great solution for preventing type 2 diabetes. However, the diet routine should always be followed up with some exercises or physical activities.

Following are the suggestions that are quite helpful in controlling the blood glucose level and keeping it in check as best as possible:

  • Carbohydrates – Simple carbs should be reduced from the prediabetic patient’s diet as these carbs increases level of blood glucose and aggravate the condition of high glycemic index. All white breads, pastas, noodles and even cookies should be eliminated from the diet. However, whole-grain products and certain cereals are allowed to be included in the prediabetes diet. Complex carbs present in vegetables like spinach, cabbage, turnip, zucchini and cauliflower can be consumed generously as they are fiber-rich foods that help in stabilizing the levels of glucose in the blood. The eater feels satiated for longer after co these foods.
  • Sugar – This is most important food item that should be completely eliminated from the diet. It not only induces the level of glucose, but also piles up extra calories. Sweetened drinks, desserts, cakes, pastries, candies and colas should be prohibited for the person experiencing prediabetes.
  • Fats – Oil, butter and cream are rich in fats and should be restricted in the diet. They contain empty calories and increase the level of cholesterol. High cholesterol in prediabetes makes the condition more vulnerable. Olive oil and coconut oil are good in such cases.
  • Fruits & vegetables – Increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables. Selection of fruits should be done by determining its food value. Few foods are not suitable for prediabetic patients as they contain natural sugar that may kick the blood glucose level. However, fruits like orange, grapefruit, apple, pear and plums are quite beneficial as they contain complex carbohydrates. Nutrition from vegetables can be best extracted when eaten without excess cooking. Par-boiled or boiled vegetables are highly nutritious. Leafy vegetables can be eaten raw.
  • Meat and meat substitutes – Like vegetables, meat and meat substitutes can also be included in the prediabetes diet. Lean meats, turkey, chicken and fish are the examples of such foods.
  • Junk foods should be avoided and even fried snacks, as they promote weight gain.

Prediabetes Diet Benefits

  • Low-fat foods and boiled foods reduces the risk of high cholesterol and heart diseases.
  • Complex carbohydrates are easy to digest, hence light on stomach and improved digestion.
  • Above all, prediabetes diet is extremely beneficial in inhibiting the chances of getting type 2 diabetes.


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