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Nutriway Diet

Nutriway is an Amway brand that manufactures, packs, and retails a whole range of multivitamins and supplements for commercial sale. Nutriway is the brand name used in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Turkey, Australia and New Zealand but several products of the company are sold all over the world under several different names.

Nutriway: History

The company was established in 1934 by founder Carl Rehnborg. He is credited with being the very first person who formulated vitamins and minerals for commercial sale in the form of dietary supplements. In his travels through China, he started supplementing his meager diet with a homebrewed mixture of herbs, rusty nails, animal bones and plants. Although the mixture was not palatable, it was highly nutritious. When he returned to the US, he went on to perfect the homebrewed mixture to form the first natural supplement made from alfalfa, watercress, and parsley. Carl encouraged word-of-mouth sales through personal interactions and the product eventually went on to be one of the most popular nutritional supplements in the market.

Nutriway Products

A large range of products are retailed through the Amway Company all over the world. Their most popular lines are as follows-

  • Double X and Triple X are popular double strength and triple strength vitamin supplements.
  • Concentrated Fruit and Vegetable Tablets and Fruit and Vegetable Fiber Tablets are a trademark of the company. These tablets help to fight against infections and are particularly rich in lycopene, fiber and lutein.
  • Protein powders are protein supplements that are rich in soy isoflavones and amino acids.
  • Calcium powders are rich in magnesium and calcium and are used for calcium supplementation.
  • The Omega 3 and Omega 6 line is formulated to boost the intake of beneficial essential fatty acids in the diet.
  • Herbal supplements like Triple Guard Echinacea, Coenzyme Q10, and Glucosamine are popular supplements that are retailed for sale worldwide.

Nutriway Benefits

Although Nutriway makes a range of nutritional supplements, vitamins and minerals, their major advantage is their manufacturing process. All herbs and materials that are used in their products are directly derived from 6,400 acres of Nutriway-owned farmlands. Sustainable, chemical-free cultivation processes that are completely organic, are a trademark of the company. Other Nutriway benefits include completely fresh and carefully packaged, cutting-edge formulations that meet the highest industry standards.