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Nutrisystem Diet

Nutrisystem diet is an effective weight loss diet plan based on portion-controlled eating. This means that a well planned nutrisystem allows its takers to relish their favorite foods, however, in a controlled quantity and in certain intervals only. The nutrisystem diet plan basically functions on the principle of high consumption of high-fibers, good carbohydrates and proteins to achieve the desired weight loss results. Nutrisystem diet plan specifically caters to the need of those who are looking for convenient options to lose weight. The nutrisystem diet, may, however, may also be followed to stabilize the health of the cardiovascular system. Examples of nutrisystem food are grilled chicken dishes, mashed veggies, soups, steaks, pasta, salad and fish delicacies.

Origin of Nutrisystem Diet Plan
The credit for the invention of the Nutrisystem diet goes to the Washington based company, Nutrisystem. Since its year of invention in 1972, the nutrisystem diet plan has undergone numerous changes and today, exists in the virtual space by the name Nutrisystem Advanced plan. The new plan, revamped in 2008, encourages a “glycemic advantage” principle to promote the consumption of healthy fibers and proteins for weight loss.

The Nutrisystem Diet Plan:
Dietary laws governing nutrisystem diet
1. The nutrisystem diet strictly divides the eater’s meals into accurate portions to suffice his/ her calorie needs of the day.
2. Typically, the nutrisystem diet plan divides the nutrisystem food into three meals and 2 snacks for the entire day.
3. Moreover, nutrisystem diet suggested to women strictly offers 1200 calories in a day and 1500 calories in a day to men.

Dietary routine based on nutrisystem diet plan
An authentic nutrisystem planning comprises a nutrisystem diet which counts minimal on sodium and trans-fats. Following is a standard nutrisystem diet plan:
1. Breakfast- apple granola bar, cinnamon bun, egg frittata, oatmeal with milk, banana nut muffin
2. Lunch- chicken soup noodle, tuna salad, fettucini alfredo, split pea soup,
3. Dinner- chicken pasta with parmesan, beef stew, grilled chicken breast, chicken with dumplings
4. Snacks- cheese puffs, soy chips, chicken wings
5. Desserts- almond biscoti, carrot cake, chocolate chip cookies

Health Benefits of Nutrisystem Diet Plan
1. The nutrisystem diet promotes the consumption of vegetables and fresh fruits. Thus, nutrisystem food offers most of the requisite nutrients like proteins, soluble fiber, good carbohydrates and omega-3 acid to the body.
2. The nutrisystem diet is essentially divided into 5 meals (3 main and 2 snacks) for the day; the plan successfully controls the hunger pangs of its takers and limits the chances of unhealthy binges.