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Nephrotic Syndrome Diet

Nephrotic Syndrome diet is meant for people who suffer from a condition where the kidneys are damaged. In this condition, which is known as the Nephrotic Syndrome, the protein levels reduce and the cholesterol levels in the blood increase. As the kidneys do not function properly in such cases, the protein from the blood tends to pass into the urine and this results in high levels of albumin. However, this kind of a condition can be controlled with a proper diet plan, which includes a good amount of protein to compensate for the loss of proteins through urine. But it is also important that the intake of proteins be controlled to avoid the kidney being taxed, which can otherwise result in tubular damage.

Ideal Diet Plan for Nephrotic Syndrome

A Nephrotic Syndrome diet is advised to people suffering from nephrotic syndrome. The diet incorporates foods that are rich in proteins and low in saturated fats and sodium. Some foods suggested for people suffering with this syndrome are –

  • Cereals, sprouts, pulses, lentils and legumes such as chick peas, split peas, etc
  • Vegetables and fresh fruits
  • Skimmed milk and cow’s milk
  • Fish (including dry fish), chicken, lean meat and eggs
  • Unsalted butter and mayonnaise (in moderation)
  • Soups, chocolate drinks, juices, sauces (with les salt)
  • Popcorns, wafers and chutneys (with less salt)
  • Pancakes, spaghetti, noodles (with less salt)
  • Yogurt

Foods to be avoided by Nephrotic Syndrome Patients

Since people suffering from Nephrotic syndrome tend to have kidneys that do not function properly, certain foods need to be avoided, else it can put a strain on the kidneys making them completely dysfunctional. Foods that need to be avoided in the Nephrotic Syndrome diet are –

  • Excessive inclusion of protein rich foods.
  • Excessive fats, as these patients tend to have high cholesterol content. Hence, it is imperative to control the cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Avoid margarine and ghee.
  • Excessive sodium in the foods as this tends to accumulate fluid resulting in oedema.
  • All salted foods such as salted biscuits, wafers, chips, popcorn, papads, pickles, and all commercial preparations.
  • Commercially prepared salad dressings and sauces with high sodium content.
  • Bakery products such as breads and biscuits.
  • Canned meat and other preserved foods.

Diet of Nephrotic Syndrome Patients – Trivia

Popsicles, ice cubes, gelatin and soda are some foods that need to be avoided when on a Nephrotic Syndrome diet.