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Miscarriage Diet

A miscarriage diet can be followed by women who want to prevent a miscarriage. A special miscarriage diet can also be tailor-made to help women recover from a miscarriage.

Characteristics of the Miscarriage Diet

Miscarriages can happen due to many reasons. Usually, the first trimester of pregnancy is the most susceptible to miscarriages. It is estimated that almost 50% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage. Doctors can prescribe a high nutrition diet along with medications and total bed rest to reduce the risk of a miscarriage. If the woman has had a miscarriage, a nutritious diet is necessary again to restore complete health

The Miscarriage Diet Guidelines to Prevent a Miscarriage

A gynecologist will be able to guide the patient on the right foods and nutritional supplements that are required to prevent a miscarriage. Most gynecologists will also do a complete medical and physical checkup to rule out underlying health problems and health factors that could predispose the woman to miscarriages. General factors include-

  • A well-balanced nutritious diet is recommended to ensure that the woman is as healthy as possible.
  • An increased intake of chocolate seems to be beneficial to reduce the odds of a miscarriage
  • An increased dairy intake in the form of milk, cheese and butter could cut down the risk of a miscarriage by as much as 33%.
  • Nutritional supplements to improve overall health are also recommended. Vitamin B, C and supplemental iron are all advised.

The Miscarriage Diet: Dietary Intake after a Miscarriage

After a miscarriage, a nutritious diet is especially useful. A miscarriage will usually result in a loss of blood, weakness and fatigue. Foods rich in iron along with an iron supplement are considered ideal. Physicians will also recommend an increased intake of calcium rich foods like dairy products, fish like salmon and sardines, and dried fruits. Magnesium rich foods like beans, nuts and fruits are also ideal.

The Miscarriage Diet: Trivia

Diet may not be able to prevent a miscarriage as there are many factors that influence a miscarriage. However, a high nutrition diet is very effective in restoring health in women who have recently miscarried.