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Medifast Diet

Medifast Diet is a commercially prepared formula based diet that assists in the process of weight loss through the use of meal replacements. In today’s fast paced life, commercial meal replacers are gaining prominence as they offer quick and convenient options. Individuals on the Medifast diet need to replace their regular meals by using meal replacements 5 times in the course of the day. Additionally one is allowed to consume one meal of choice which keeps a person satisfied.

Features of Medifast Diet

  1. Medifast Diet falls under the category of very low calorie diets providing no more than 800-1000 calories per day on an average.
  2. As part of the Medifast diet, an individual is supplied with 5 pre-packed calorie restricted meals including snacks to be consumed through the course of the day. These may be in the form of nutrition bars, soups or shakes. Therefore, the weight loss phase is also referred to as the ‘5 and 1 program’.
  3. Additionally, the dieter is allowed to have one meal of his/her choice, during the weight loss phase, by opting from foods permitted as part of the diet. This meal must include some green leafy or other vegetables, some lean proteins (about 5-7 ounces) to make it what is called a ‘lean and green’ meal.
  4. The Medifast meals deliver about 80 -100 g of carbohydrates per day to supply energy. Also they are low in fat so as to ensure weight loss.
  5. Once the pre-determined weight loss goal is reached, a person is allowed to gradually introduce self-selected foods instead of meal replacers. This is known as the transition phase which lasts for anywhere between 8 to 16 weeks.
  6. In the last phase, known as the maintenance phase, an individual is given the responsibility to make their own nutritious food choices.

Benefits of Medifast Diet

  1. It is convenient to use and easy to follow.
  2. A wide choice is available with as many as 70 or more meal replacements to choose from including fruit shakes, vegetable soups, thin oatmeal porridge, liquidized eggs, fruit drinks, iced teas, hot beverages like calorie burn cappuchino, crunch bars, protein bars, pretzel sticks, sugar free puddings, low-fat oat brownies and even pancakes. Individuals with specific needs are also provided for- special fat free shakes for heart patients, calcium fortified shakes for osteoporosis and arthritis, soy based drinks and women's plus shakes containing black cohosh that help relieve symptoms associated with menopause. This apart there are appetite suppressant drinks to promote weight loss and antioxidant rich drinks for great skin and complexion.
  3. It is nutritionally sound and is believed to supply a more satisfactory amount of nutrients than regular food-based diet options.
  4. Studies have reported almost twice the weight loss after using the Medifast Diet when compared to a food based diet.
  5. A weight loss of up to 20 pounds a month has been recorded using the Medifast diet. Weight loss is based on the principal that low calorie consumption will lead to mobilization of body’s fat stores to fuel energy needs.
  6. As the weight loss progresses, persons with diabetes, hypertension etc., may notice an improvement in blood sugar and blood pressure levels.
  7. Pre-packed and pre-portioned meals do not allow a dieter the chance to overeat or consume extra calories.
  8. Detailed meal planning guidance as well as a proper motivational and support system is in place for persons who chose to use the Medifast Diet.


Research studies reveal how the combined effect of Medifast meal replacements together with appetite suppressants elicit better results than either of them used as a stand alone weight loss strategy.