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Low Blood Sugar Diet

Low blood sugar diet or Hypoglycemia diet is basically meant for people having less blood sugar in the body. Medical intervention is often required to deal with the problem of low blood glucose level in the body. However, by going for a change in the dietary habits, hypoglycemia can be effectually dealt with. By devising a proper hypoglycemia diet plan, the glucose level in the body can be regulated optimally.

Features of Hypoglycemia Diet Program

By implementing the following measures, an individual suffering from low blood sugar would attain great respite:

  • Eating a meal or snack containing complex carbohydrates instantly as a person notices a drop in the glucose level would certainly be of large assistance. A few examples consist of bread, whole grains, bagels and cereals.

  • The hypoglycemia diet plan as suggested by the National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse recommends taking glucose tablets (3), glucose gel (1 serving), or milk (1 cup) as a prompt treatment.

  • The main objective of the low blood sugar diet focuses on reducing the food absorption process. A combination of good fats and protein rich foods in the diet would be of tremendous help in reducing the absorption rate of complex carbohydrates, hence restricting fluctuations in sugar level. Vegetables, legumes, cereals, whole grains and pasta are a good source of complex carbohydrates.

  • The hypoglycemia diet program suggests raising the intake of fiber rich foods in the diet. The fiber content contained in vegetables (sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, beetroots), legumes, fruits (strawberries, apples and oranges), and whole grains (wheat, brown rice and bran), is digested slowly, hence proving to be beneficial for people suffering from low blood sugar level.

  • Eating whole fresh fruit is recommended as against consumption of fruit juice.

  • The low blood sugar diet program recommends eating smaller portions of meals at regular time intervals, so that the stomach remains full all the time and the sugar level does not go down.

Hypoglycemia Diet Restrictions

Some of the restrictions are listed here:

  • Intake of carbonated drinks or candy bars should be avoided during the relapse, as these products only provide short term relief, with the person getting a sharp fall in the glucose level very soon.

  • Simple carbohydrates should not be covered under the hypoglycemia diet program. Foods containing simple carbohydrates consist of cookies, pastries, cakes, pies, candies, table sugar, jams and jellies.

  • Foods and beverages enriched with caffeine content should be avoided, so as to prevent worsening of the situation.

  • Alcohol is one of the major reasons for a sudden drop in sugar level, and hence is strongly restricted by the low blood sugar diet program.


For detailed information on the hypoglycemia diet program, please refer the following website

National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse