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Liquid Weight Loss Diet

Liquid Weight Loss Diet consists of a predominantly liquid dietary intake for the purpose of losing weight but can depend on some other sources for the daily nutrient requirements. Experts are of the opinion that a liquid weight loss diet must be attempted only under medical supervision and guidance. Persons who are obese with a Body Mass Index [BMI] of more than 30 and require to lose quite a bit of weight.


The Cambridge Diet was developed by Dr Alan Howard, PhD, in 1970 and has a number of options to choose from. The ‘Regular Plan’ allows one normal solid Cambridge meal per day along with other liquids. Another plan that has been developed for the benefit of obese persons who need to achieve significant weight loss is the Physician Monitored Liquid Diet Plan that restricts calorie intake to as low as 420 calories in a day. Others more recently, like the Slim-Fast Liquid Diet replaces two meals with Slim-Fast shakes while the Medifast Liquid Diet allows one low calorie meal intake per day. Optifast is a comprehensive liquid diet program wherein all meals and snacks are substituted by meal replacement shakes for persons requiring to get rid of over 50 pounds.

Features of Liquid Weight Loss Diets

  1. Most liquids that form part of this diet are in the form of blends or shakes rather than clear liquids. Most often the liquid dietary supplements come in the form of premixes or powders that can be reconstituted by addition of water or skim milk.
  2. These liquid meal replacers are portion and calorie specific to control the calorie intake per day. Standard recommendation is approximately 800 calories. The Doctor’s guidance is necessary right from initiating this diet through the various stages up to its completion, especially if underlying health problems are involved.
  3. Long term weight maintenance strategies need to be effected in order to ensure that the liquid weight loss diet is followed up correctly without the subject regaining the lost weight.
  4. Time is an important factor to get one’s system accustomed to this form of stringent weight loss diet. Stomach upsets, headaches, fatigue, compromised immune response may be some of the side effects people may experience.

Benefits of Liquid Weight Loss Diet

Under strict medical supervision the liquid weight loss diet may aid an obese individual in:

  • Weight loss
  • Control of blood sugar levels
  • Control of cholesterol levels
  • Control of blood pressure levels


Young children and the elderly are advised against following this diet as there may be loss of lean muscle mass.