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Liquid Diet

Liquid diet is a medically supervised diet comprising entirely of liquids. The need for taking to a liquid diet plan is felt when the body has to be prepared for certain medical tests and other medical procedures like surgery. In addition, an effective liquid diet is charted out and followed to clear the stomach and intestines off food residue, especially when the person is affected by a gastro-intestinal problem. Considerable intake of certain liquid diet recipes is increased for non-medical purposes as well, like flush of the body systems for quick weight loss. Examples of popular liquid diet foods are fruit punch, cheese soup, fresh yoghurt, fruit drinks, ice milk, milk shakes and more.

History of liquid diet recipes
There is no historical evidence to proof the year of the origin of liquid diet. However, liquid diet foods have been for centuries suggested as eminent meal replacements for countering medical issues as well as preparing the body for undergoing certain medical procedures like tests, surgeries and more. However, it is only in the recent years that the liquid diet has been recognized as an effective means to detox the body and lose weight. Therefore, the essence of the liquid diet recipes for the purpose of dieting has been redefined only in the modern days.

The liquid diet plan
Dietary laws governing liquid diet foods
1. Liquid diet calls for a strict restriction on the intake of solid or semi-solid foods. In fact, as per the medical practitioners, liquid diet foods, must be completely replaced with their solid counterparts to gain medical or nutritional benefits.
2. A person on liquid diet has to strictly avoid the intake of even semi-solid foods like oats dipped in milk, wheat in milk, barley in milk, apart from complete solids. Instead the person is allowed to take liquid diet foods like fruit juices, custard, vegetable juice, water, honey, jelly, milk, smooth ice-cream and more.

Diet routine based on liquid diet recipes
A basic liquid diet should comprise of liquid diet recipes as follows –
1. Breakfast- fruit juice, cup of strained cereal, milk, coffee / tea, flavored milkshakes
2. Lunch- Liquid diet foods like strained vegetable soup, strained cereal, plan custard, yoghurt or a cup of milk, coffee/ tea
3. Dinner- eggnog, strained cream soup, milk, vegetable soup, coffee/ tea
4. Dessert- plain or smooth ice cream, plain puddings, custard

Variation in the liquid diet, especially, desserts, can be tried by those taking to liquid diet recipes. According to the liquid diet plan, variations in the form of different powdered flavors in the milk, pudding and custard can be savored at any time of the day.

Health benefits of liquid diet plan
Liquid diet is expected to help its takers in a numerous ways-
1. Liquid diet plan is perfect to keep the body well hydrated while the food residue flushes out of the system.
2. Since the liquid diet may be essentially prepared from a fine blend of fibrous vegetables and fruits, it may nourish the body with all the requisite nutrients, as expected from a solid diet.
3. As the liquid diet plan is low on calories’ count, it may be used for triggering rapid weight losses.