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Lemonade Diet

Lemonade diet is also known as a master cleanser diet as it is the only diet that is capable of completely cleansing the human body. It was first discovered about 70 years back and is still in business. As per most Lemonade diet recipes, the lemonade is prepared by mixing lemon juice with water, cayenne pepper and maple syrup in different proportions. Over a period of time, our body starts accumulating weight and a number of toxins. Lemonade diet is recommended for detoxifying, losing weight and natural healing. People who go on this diet are refreshed and feel healthier than before. The best part is that it does not have side effects and the person feels excellent after this diet. Though different doctors prescribe different Lemonade diet recipes, the truth is that all of them are more of less the same. Hence, use a Lemonade diet to feel younger, healthier and better.