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Ingredient Based Diet

Ingredient based diet, as the namely rightly indicates, is the diet that is formulated in keeping with one particular central ingredient. This diet is based on the concept that by focusing on just one particular healthful natural ingredient, it may be possible to gain far greater control on exactly what a person is ingesting on a daily basis. While a given diet could work for one individual, it may not benefit another. Since every individual is different, there is not ‘one perfect diet’ that all can follow. Therefore, the ingredient diet needs to be a highly customized diet, specifically suited to meet the needs of a particular individual.

Laws Governing Ingredient Based Diet

  1. Use of all natural organic foods.
  2. Use of any kind of processed foods is completely disallowed.
  3. Alcohol consumption prohibited.
  4. Smoking and other unhealthy practices forbidden.
  5. Exercise must be made an essential aspect, to be performed on a daily basis, in order to promote weight loss, while following the ingredient based diet.

What makes an Ingredient based Diet Work

  • Complete and in-depth knowledge of the particular ingredient.
  • Knowledge of the nutritional composition of the ingredient.
  • Ease of modification/portion control.
  • Repeatable results, i.e. achieving the same results each time after using the food ingredient.

Benefits of Ingredient based diets

  • Avoiding a range of food ingredients that may not be suitable to an individual- eg dairy products or wheat based products that present typical allergens like lactose and gluten.
  • Drastic reduction in intake of unhealthy fats that could help in preventing detrimental consequences such as cardiovascular concerns, blood pressure among others.
  • For instance, the use of soy and its many products – can afford numerous health benefits to individuals as they can be included in some or the other form to make every meal nourishing. There are several tasty soy food options some of which are-

§ Soymilk at breakfast or in the evening.

§ Soy snacks like roasted or oven –baked soy beans without added salt or fat.

§ Soy nutrition bars as a meal replacement

§ Soy yoghurt or pudding that is low-fat and unsweetened.

§ Soy burgers can be satiating enough to be used as a complete meal.

The benefits of the soy based diet are plenty-

§ Being a plant based food ingredient, such a diet can be easily followed by vegetarians and especially vegans.

§ It provides some of the best plant proteins.

§ Soy is among the few foods that have a cholesterol lowering effect (reducing LDL, the bad cholesterol).

§ Soy has been studied for its ability to help manage weight and prevent obesity.

§ Evidently, replacing meat in the diet by soy helps in lowering intake of saturated fats, cholesterol and restricts calorie intake.

§ Soy acts as a wholesome nutritious food as it provides an appreciable amount of fibre, iron, folic acid among other minerals and phytonutrients.

§ Not only are soy foods satiating owing to their high fibre and protein content, but especially beneficial to women as they provide a natural source of soy-isoflavones that may reduce the risk of osteoporosis and certain types of cancers and relieve symptoms of menopause like hot flashes.

Finally, it may be said that cautiously following an ingredient based diet may support weight loss along with numerous other health benefits like improved stamina, fitness and energy levels as well as improved digestive health.