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High Triglycerides Diet

High triglycerides diet comprises foods prescribed to lower the level of triglycerides in the blood, which refer to the fats stored in the body as a result of excessive consumption of fatty and sugar rich foods. The increased level of triglycerides is associated with coronary heart diseases and strokes. This condition is a metabolic syndrome and can occur in people of any age-group.

The diet rich in carbohydrates is one of the causes of the increased triglycerides. Overweight people and people having Insulin resistance are more likely to have high triglyceride levels with the consumption of carbohydrates accounting to 60% more than the actual quantity. Therefore the ideal diet for lowering the triglycerides should comprise less-carbs, less-fats and lots of fiber.

Features of Triglycerides Diet Program

Heart disease is a grave condition and increased triglycerides is directly responsible for it, hence it should be controlled in order to save life. The diet rich in fibers and less fatty products is always a good solution to combat this situation. The following are some of the main highlights of the high triglycerides diet program to lower down the triglycerides level:

  • The diet plan should consist of roasted poultry items like chicken and turkey and exclude red meat.

  • Leafy vegetables should form an essential part of the diet program for reducing triglycerides.

  • People suffering from extremely high triglycerides levels should focus on consuming low fat foods.

  • An effective treatment for high triglycerides is to keep the weight under control. So, one of the ways of improving the triglycerides level consist of keeping the weight under control by eating a healthy diet, consisting of all vital nutrients, and drinking lots of water.

With many case studies and researches, the best high triglycerides diet should include fresh fruits with skin, green vegetables, low-fat dairy products, lean meats, fish, fish oil, flax seeds and whole grain products. Caffeine-free and unsweetened drinks should be included in the diet.

Dietary Restrictions for High Triglycerides Patients

The metabolic syndrome caused by high triglycerides may also increase the blood pressure and sugar level in body; hence care should be taken while following the diet for triglycerides to address this issue as well. The food restrictions are as follows:

  • Fatty foods โ€“ These foods include fried foods, eggs, cheese and butter. All these food items increase the fat and calories in the body, thus resulting in high cholesterol level. Heart is closely related to cholesterol level and high levels increase the risk of heart diseases.

  • Carbohydrates โ€“ Wheat products and the food items including rye and barley are rich in carbohydrates; hence should be eliminated from the diet recommended to reduce triglyceride.

  • Alcoholic drinks- Consumption of alcoholic drinks like wine, beer, and hard liquor ought to be excluded from the dietary habits.

  • Sweet foods โ€“ Sugar containing food items should be curtailed from the diet as sugar increases the risk of increased glucose level in blood. Flavored yogurts, energy bars and sweetened cereals need to be eliminated from the regular diet as per the high triglycerides diet program.