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High Protein Pregnancy Diet

High Protein Pregnancy Diet is the special diet formulated to meet the increased protein demands of a woman during the course of her pregnancy. Due to the several important roles that protein essay in each and every cell of the human body, it is crucial for a woman to be able to attain her daily protein needs. Between 60-70 g of protein per day is the recommended daily allowance for protein intake during pregnancy. This is about 25 g more than the daily protein requirement for the non-pregnant woman. These proteins provide the source of essential amino acids that are the building blocks for not only the woman but also for the developing cells and tissues of the foetus. Right from the beginning of pregnancy a woman must consume good quality proteins to build up reserves, which will continue to be drawn upon by the growing foetus at an exponential rate.

Laws Governing High Protein Pregnancy Diet

  • Every meal that a pregnant woman consumes should include one or the other source of protein in order to match up to her needs. All proteins in the diet need not be complete proteins that supply all essential amino acids. That’s perhaps the reason why different varieties of proteins need to be consumed in order to obtain all the essential amino acids in adequate amounts.
  • Complete proteins are available from meat, fish, poultry, eggs, dairy products as well as soy and the various soy products. These complete proteins not only contain all the 22 essential amino acids but they are also better utilized by the body when compared to incomplete proteins with lesser number of essential amino acids. Nuts, legumes, grains, seeds are sources of incomplete proteins and may be paired with each other to obtain more complete proteins e.g. Rice and red kidney beans combine to provide better quality proteins than they would individually.

High Protein Pregnancy Diet Plan

  • Breakfast: An extra-protein rich breakfast is advised to start off the day.

2-3 egg white omelette made with little olive oil and topped with cheese, tomato, parsley, bell peppers and onions + 1 cup skimmed milk + 2-4 almonds

  • Midmorning: An apple
  • Lunch: A Feta cheese and spinach salad + 1 bowl of Chicken and noodle soup + 2 ounces stir fried tofu + 1 orange
  • Evening snack: Chickpea hummus with carrot, cucumber, asparagus sticks or soya nuggets
  • Dinner: 2-3 ounces Grilled chicken or grilled fish like trout or salmon + steamed veggies + ½ cup yoghurt + ½ cup berries.
  • Bedtime: 1 cup skim milk or soy milk.

Benefits of High Protein Pregnancy Diet

  • Proteins along with fibre bring about a feeling of satisfaction which helps a pregnant woman from experiencing cravings.
  • Proteins in the diet prevent excessive blood sugar variations as carbohydrate absorption becomes slower in presence of proteins.
  • Protein intake, if found to be inadequate, can be supplemented using protein shakes.
  • If a woman experiences acute morning sickness, fruit smoothie or fruit yoghurt may be a better option.

Such a comprehensive high protein pregnancy diet can successfully match increased protein needs that pregnancy brings with it taking care of both the mother and the infant.