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High Potassium Diet

High Potassium Diet is necessary for balancing the potassium levels in the body. The people having high potassium levels in their blood stream are known to suffer from a condition called Hyperkalemia. Potassium is an important mineral and it aids in maintaining the PH levels of the body. It helps in regulating blood pressure, nervous system, kidney, adrenal functions and heart. The heightened or lowered potassium levels can invite host of health problems. This condition is normally observed in people depending on fad diets and medications. The people suffering from this condition are administered on diet which is low in potassium with all necessary nutrients.

High Potassium Diet: Characteristics
The condition of hyperkalemia can be curbed by having the foods that are low in potassium. Also the values of low potassium diet should not exceed beyond 3,000 to 4,000 mg of potassium per day. Following restrictions and options should be adopted by a person who is on a high pottasium diet to treat levels of high potassium in blood.

  • Vegetables: The vegetables like mushrooms, potatoes, tomatoes, and pumpkins should be avoided. Some of the low – potassium vegetables involve cucumber, iceberg lettuce and green beans.
  • Grains: Most of the people suffering hyperkalemia get confused about doctor advising them to eliminate the whole-grain products from their diet. But most of the whole –grain products are rich in selenium, potassium and fiber. But rather than substituting the whole grain foods with not so nutritious cereals and breads it is always good to increase the intake of vegetables and low-potassium fruits.
  • Fruits: If a person following high potassium diet finds it difficult to avoid their favorite fruits or derivatives such as pears, raisins, cantaloupes and bananas then the eaters can curb their serving sizes and go for blueberries, applesauce, and blueberries. Also, a person can go for fruits containing medium level of potassium such as strawberries, peaches and pineapples but in limited portion sizes.
  • Fish and Meat: The choice of fishes and meat in low potassium diet can be quite tricky if the person finds it difficult to do without it. Mostly of the fish and beef variants are high in potassium. The changes can be made by curbing the serving sizes and increasing dietary proteins.

High Potassium Diet: Restrictions

  • Alcohol, trans-fatty acids and tobacco should be avoided.
  • Refined and processed foods should be avoided.
  • Potassium rich foods should be eaten in proportions.