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Hiatal Hernia Diet

Hiatal Hernia Diet is the diet which helps to curb the attack of hiatal hernia. Hiatal hernia is a condition which happens when the upper part of the stomach protrudes into the thorax through the diaphragm. The symptoms of this condition may range from hard sneezing and hard coughing to constipation and violent vomiting. Large number of factors may contribute to the cause but the condition can be curbed with the help of well-managed diet. The condition is also known as hiatus hernia.

In fact the acidic retention caused by highly fatty foods cause Hiatal Hernia. The hiatal hernia is turning out to be common problem in the modern world where the high fatty foods are consumed in large amounts. People suffering from this condition can sigh a relief if they cut on oily, greasy and spicy foods as well as saturated fats and Trans fats.

Hiatal Hernia Diet: Characteristics

Hiatal hernia can be curbed by practicing certain food habits such as:

  • Avoiding water consumption during food time.
  • Having small meals in place of large ones.
  • Avoiding going to bed immediately after a heavy meal.
  • Avoiding bending after meals.
  • Avoiding smoking and drinking
  • Avoiding antacids
  • Avoiding foods that cause acid reflux.

Hiatal Hernia Diet: Foods to Eat

  • Vegetables: Broccoli, cabbages, baked potato
  • Fruits: Bananas, Apples, and berries
  • Grains : Brown or white rice, bran or cereal, multi-grain or whole grain bread
  • Meat: Lean meat, chicken breast, fish, egg white
  • Beverages: Water, root bear, wine

Foods to Avoid for Hiatal Hernia

  • Vegetables: Raw onions, Fried vegetables
  • Fruits : Oranges, Cranberry, and Grapes
  • Grains: Sphaghetti, and Macaroni
  • Meat: Buffalo wings, chicken nuggets
  • Beverages: Tea, Liquor and coffee

Hiatal Hernia Diet: Meal Plans

  • Early Morning: Consumption of luke warm water with honey and lemon juice is highly recommended as first thing in the morning.
  • Breakfast: Fresh fruit juice, or fruits, milk or low calorie milkshakes
  • Lunch: Tortilla or bread along with a boiled vegetables and buttermilk
  • Evening Snack: Vegetable and fruit juice
  • Dinner: Salads
  • Supper: A glass of low fat skimmed milk and an apple.