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Hemorrhoids Diet

Hemorrhoids diet program mainly emphasizes on the food which should be eliminated from the regular diet, so as to get rid of the problem of hemorrhoids, which may occur due to chronic constipation, improper diet, or chronic diarrhea. Hemorrhoids, defined as a disease in which an individual suffers from extreme pain, itching, and bleeding in the rectum and anus due to swollen tissues, can be treated in a very effective way with the help of focusing on a healthy diet plan. Though by eating the right kinds of foods, the problem can be solved to a great extent, yet the diet program for hemorrhoids basically focuses on the elimination of unhealthy foods from the diet to treat the condition effectively.

Features of Hemorrhoids Diet Program

Here are some of the features of the diet program to get rid of the problem of hemorrhoids:

  • The very first thing that should be kept in mind to deal with the problem of hemorrhoids is to increase the intake of fluids in regular diet. Among fluids, water is the best option. Increasing the intake of water in regular life would help in keeping the digestive system healthy and would facilitate the process of flushing out toxins from the body. This is a very good step to prevent the condition from aggravating further.

  • The diet program for hemorrhoids recommends excessive intake of fiber in the diet. Constipation is the major cause of the disease, and by increasing the extent of fiber intake, this problem would be resolved to a massive extent. Bowel movement would be facilitated, hence treating chronic constipation,in turn would ease the condition of hemorrhoids. Whole grains, green vegetables and fresh fruits are good sources of fiber and should be therefore included in the diet. Turnips, potatoes, lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, olives, prunes, apricots, and cucumber are a few food items which would help in providing respite from the problem soon.

  • Further, the diet program also suggests the intake of pro-biotic yogurt to attain immediate relief.

Hemorrhoids Diet Restrictions

The following restrictions are strongly recommended:

  • Processed foods should be completely excluded from the diet. These foods are enriched with chemicals and products which are not good for the health and should be therefore avoided.

  • Meats, cheese and sweets are restricted.

  • Consumption of alcohol and coffee should be avoided.

  • People suffering from hemorrhoids should restrict the consumption of cookies and cakes.

  • Also, excessive consumption of fast foods results in constipation, which may lead to hemorrhoids. Hence, the hemorrhoids diet program suggests restricting the intake of these foods.

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