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Healthy Heart Diet

Heart healthy diet follows food intake aiming towards the wellness and stable heart health condition. The diet regimen refrains from intake of fat and cholesterol rich food such as fried food, butter, oil, etc. The diet is recommended by doctors and dieticians as being very beneficial in reducing risks such as stroke and heart disease. Heart healthy diet recipes incorporate more of fresh fruits, vegetables and fiber coupled with medium to heavy exercise. Heart healthy diet is highly recommended by organizations such as American Heart Association and WHO.

Historical and Cultural Facts Related to Heart Healthy Diet Plan

Heart healthy diet is the result of increase in heart related risks in the recent years. Historical sources reveal that the ancient Egyptians had assumptions regarding heart to be the center of human intellect and behavior and hence emphatically consumed more raw and fresh food. During the medieval times, rare or infrequent cases of heart and cholesterol related risks were reported. With the advent of industrialization into the modern society, there was a leap in the number of occurrences of heart related ailments. Some health experts believe that this could be due to rapid change in the lifestyle, with reduction of physical labor and more reliance on machines. Also, the eating pattern of people characterized by the intake of fast food such as burgers, fries and pizzas are also significant reasons.

Dietary Laws Governing Heart Healthy Diet Recipes

Heart healthy diet practices keep away from fatty food, sometimes sugar-rich food and intake more low calorie food. As per the recommendations of WHO (World Health Organisation) healthy heart can be maintained by -

  • Cycling of excess weight into energy by way of exercise.
  • Curtailing the intake of saturated fat and instead consuming heart friendly unsaturated fat.
  • Lowering the intake of sugar and salt.
  • Consuming adequate amount of amino acid to facilitate cellular growth and protein.
  • Consuming more micro nutrients including minerals and vitamins such as vitamin A, iron, etc.
  • Refraining from direct consumption of toxic and carcinogenic substances.
  • Refraining from intake of contaminated food.

Diet Routine in a Heart Healthy Diet

A typical Heart healthy diet routine would be as follows:

  • Breakfast- comprising light beverages such as coffee without caffeine, fluids, cereals such as oatmeal with occasional nibble of fresh fruit such as pineapple.
  • Lunch- comprising whole grain-based food, a little meat, sparing quantity of cheese or mayonnaise with occasional nibble of whole wheat crackers.
  • Dinner - comprising fish such as halibut, rice, vegetables and salad.
  • In addition to this one must drink adequate water and consume food breaking up into small occasional meals rather than heavy intake.

Nutrition from Heart Healthy Diet Recipes

  • Heart healthy diet recipes include ingredients such as- fruits, grains which are rich in fiber, iron, vitamins and fiber, good sources of protein such as peas, lentils, eggs and nuts, certain sources of meat, vegetables and certain dairy products.
  • Meat such as red meat, goose and duck, prime meat cuts, organ meats, pre processed meat such as sausages and heavy lunch meats must be avoided. Instead lean, low fat and skinless meat are recommendable.
  • Dairy products that are low on fat and cholesterol must be consumed.
  • Cooking methods such as baking, roasting, broiling and steaming using less oil must be adopted. As much as possible it is better to consume fruits and vegetables without much cooking as excess cooking can cause the destruction of vital nutrients.