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Headaches Diet

Headaches diet comprises foods that should be eaten to prevent or lessen the occurance of headaches in people suffering from them. There is a strong relation between headache and diet, which is very important to understand before learning about the ways to treat the problem through healthy and nutritious diet. A few people are allergic to certain foods which cause headaches. At times, the problem may be very severe, thus resulting in migraine. Therefore, it is imperative to learn about the foods which trigger headaches and restrict their consumption, which is the main focus area of the headache prevention diet program.

Features of Headache Prevention Diet Program

The headaches diet program emphasizes on certain crucial aspects related to food which are explained below:

  • The very first thing that the diet plan for controlling headaches focuses on is to eat everything with great caution. Anything can cause allergy and result in a headache. Extreme caution should be taken while eating certain foods like citrus fruits, yogurt, mushrooms, salty foods, ripe banana, buttermilk, and wheat products. Though these foods are healthy for consumption, yet any of these foods can trigger headache. So, it is recommended to determine the allergic food and eliminate the same from the diet.

  • Suddenly decreasing or increasing the intake of caffeine in the diet can trigger a headache. So, it is advised to consume caffeinated drinks like coffee and colas in moderation. This rule applies not only to caffeine enriched foods and drinks, but to all types of foods, where it is recommended to avoid a drastic change in the diet suddenly.

  • The headaches diet program exerts pressure on consuming green vegetables and fresh fruits like apples, oranges and pears in the diet, which are absolutely safe.

Headache Diet Restrictions

The diet for headaches lays great level of emphasis on eliminating various kinds of foods from the diet as explained below:

  • Cheese may trigger headache, and should be therefore avoided. However, cottage cheese is a good alternative and is considered to be safe for consumption.

  • Consumption of alcohol not only causes headache, but is also harmful for the overall health of an individual. Among all alcoholic drinks, the worst one is red wine.

  • Aged meats should be avoided as they aggravate headaches.

  • Foods which are enriched with tyramine are strongly prohibited to treat headaches. A few examples are soy sauce, salami and sauerkraut.

  • Chocolate, yeast, peanuts, and soybeans are a few other foods which are recommended to be avoided as per the headaches diet program.

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