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Gourmet Slow Cooked High Protein Diet

Gourmet Slow Cooked High Protein Diet is essentially a high protein diet that consists of gourmet dishes prepared with utmost care cooking the ingredients over a pro-longed time period in order to elicit the best flavours. The slow cooking method affords many advantages to the final product. Preparing gourmet dishes is an art and bringing out the deepest sensory properties of various ingredients together can culminate in exemplary meals.

Features of Gourmet Slow Cooked High Protein Diet

  1. High Protein intake is the main focus of such a diet. This brings with it the chance of sticking to smaller portions as high protein intake can bring about the feeling of satiety or fullness and keep one from snacking again. Different varieties of meats, fowl, fish and eggs may be employed in the preparation of numerous gourmet dishes while providing good quality protein sources.
  2. Carbohydrate intake is low on a high protein diet and consists chiefly of complex carbohydrates that are digested slower in presence of proteins.
  3. Use of healthy fats such as olive oil should be within limits. Too much fat in a slow cooking process is not healthy as the long hours of constant heating could convert simple fats into ‘trans’ fats that are unhealthy.

Benefits of Gourmet Slow Cooked High Protein Diet

  1. The extended cooking time allows for better and uniform distribution of flavours in most of the meat based recipes.
  2. Use of lower temperatures over longer time periods reduce the chances of scorching wherein foods stick to the bottom surface of the pan and get burnt.
  3. Tougher meats such as steaks, beef, cheaper cuts of meat etc. get sufficiently tenderized owing to the pro-longed slow cooking process. Even venison dishes are suited to this method of cooking.

Gourmet Slow Cooked High Protein Diet Recipes

  • Tex Mex Beef Stew is a traditional beef stew with a modern twist having Spanish and Mexican influences.
  • Rosemary Beef with Tomatoes has a strong tangy tomato base with fresh rosemary herb lending a delightful flavour to the beef during the extended cooking process.
  • Creamy chicken with veggies, the simple yet classical all time favourite.
  • Corned meatball and cabbage a unique combination of slow cooked meat with low calories veggies.
  • Ham and scalloped potatoes which is the ever-popular coming together of leisurely cooked ham and delicious scalloped potato that simply melts in the mouth.

These and many more delightful gourmet recipes may be prepared using the slow cooking method as part of the high protein diet.


Moisture content must be carefully adjusted in many of these recipes so that there is enough liquid to cover the food and not allow it to dry up during the cooking process. This may increase the chance of scorching.